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Having WebBrowser implemented as Applet

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Hi developers,

I have been studying some docs about Webbrowser component and its implementation as Applet but as soon as I tried to test it by implementing my own applet on my local computer i was running and facing many strange exceptions.

I would like to hear from you straightforward comments on the steps what I must do in order to get it work as applet. I have Windows Vista as my OS, Java SDK 1.6.0_05-b13, jdic-20060613-bin-windows out of jdic. I have followed the instructions but still i am facing problems.

So please help me out with step-by-step instructions how to achieve my goal..


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The applet loading procedure was changed in latest Java releases. The problem is that JDIC starts executable module from web cache that is not secure at all. Currently I am trying to fix native module loading procedure.