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Cannot start cluster or instance

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Joined: 2008-05-15

Glassfish 9.1_02 (Clustered) on a SLES10 SP1 VM (VMware Server).

I am very new to Glassfish and have just done a test installation. I followed all the the install insterauctions with no problems. I now find i can create a start nodes ok and i can create a cluster and an instance. My problem comes when i try to start the cluster, i get the following:

"All server instances in cluster cluster1 were not started. The Appserver instnace instance1 does not exit. This could be caused by an error in a previous Node Agent Synchronization cycle. Please check the Node Agents log for the specific error."

I have checked the log but there does not seem to be any error in there and the Node itself seems to be running perfectly happily.

I have tried starting the Instance first but this fails with a similar error.

Can anyone help please?

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Joined: 2004-11-29

Hi there

I'm experiencing this exact problem. I was wondering if you ever resolved it?

Do you remember a) what the solution was? and b) how you figured it out? What logs did you look at, did you have to enable any debugging, etc.

Can anyone else help?