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MIDP based application on command line

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Hi All,

I have build the PhoneME feature stack successfuly.I have also made simple application in java ,prevarified and tested on actuall ARM9 board using the cldc_vm.It is running successfuly.Now i want to check the MIDP jsr for that i have to develop some application which will use the MIDP for running so that MIDP jsr is tested. But the problem is that I don't have LCD to check the GUI based appication. So i want to prepare such application which will use MIDP for running and also it should be GUI less i.e is it can be run on command line.

so if anybody has an idea about such application please share with me.


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Joined: 2006-10-18

Hi Gammy,

You could write an application that doesn't interact with an user but use System.out to trace execution results.

Range of test cases depends on resources of your board.

If it has network up, you could utilize to write simple application that establishes http connection to some website.

If the board is sound enabled, you could play a sound using

Anyway you should be able to create timers (java.util.Timer) and read/write data to RMS (javax.microedition.rms).

Alexey Kornev