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Respected Sir

I have doubt regrading Jmaki version because some of the Jmaki version accept only this kind of syntax like but some of the version accepting like this please explain me what the different between this two syntex?

my second question is , is there separate jmaki component for Jsp,jsf because i have somewhere this kind of syntax <%@ taglib prefix="b" uri="http://jmaki/v1.0/jsf" %> and also <%@ taglib prefix="a" uri= "http://jmaki/v1.0/jsp" %> ,please let me know what is the different?


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Hi Selvakumar,

We support both JSP and JSF. I believe that the plugins always drop in a library tag which looks like:
<%@ taglib prefix="a" uri= "http://jmaki/v1.0/jsp" %>

and if you are using JSF you need to manually change that to
<%@ taglib prefix="b" uri="http://jmaki/v1.0/jsf" %>


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Hi Carla,

Could you tell me what is the difference between using
<%@ taglib prefix="a" uri= "http://jmaki/v1.0/jsp" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="b" uri="http://jmaki/v1.0/jsf" %>

i am using the first i.e <%@ taglib prefix="a" uri= "http://jmaki/v1.0/jsp" %> in my jsf project and it works fine,
is there any advantage of using the second taglib in jsf, if so please explain

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A JSP taglib does all the work. JSF is a web application framework which offers much, much more than what JSP can deliver. So the taglib used for JSF does almost nothing and instead allows a real JSF component handle state, lifecycle, and rendering of the component.

When using JSF, you can configure jMaki to load all your resources from a .jar file instead of from the docroot of your application. You aren't tied to JSP, you can use facelets or JSFTemplating. Also Ajax frameworks like dynafaces or Ajax4JSF most likely require you to use JSF components and not JSP tags (essentially just text). Eventually better value binding and other features will also be supported when jMaki's JSF support is better. If you are doing JSF development, you should use the JSF taglib (or better yet, facelets or JSFTemplating) -- otherwise, you're just inserting text into the page instead of using a component and the proper lifecycle.

I hope this helps clear this up. Good luck!

Ken Paulsen