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"Must work with all J2ME phones and networks"

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I had a request to create a Jabber Client for j2me enabled phones. however, they are requesting that the application works with all mobile networks. I'm not sure about this. I am using Beep Jabber library and it appears to be using ssl connection and I don't see every Operator opening up their network to ssl connections.

I compiled a list of Mobile Network Operators in the USA. Now, for each operator I need to know the following;

<br />
1.MIDlet Installation Options of which I know of the following methods;<br />
  A) Other The Air (OTA)<br />
         i.WAP<br />
        ii.HTML<br />
       iii.Operator Specific, ie Sprint Nextel Mobile Application Manager (MAM) or some other arcane method<br />
  B) Download from WWW to PC and then upload from PC to mobile phone.<br />
         i.Bluetooth<br />
        ii.USB<br />
       iii.InfraRed<br />
2.Access To Communications Network, that is, what has the Operator opened up to J2ME applications.<br />
  A) HTTP/Socket - easy to assume if phone has Internet access these would be present no problem ... i'll not be so naive.<br />
  B) PushRegistry - no chance this will be useful<br />
  *) SMS/MMS - no good for Jabber client without a lot of painful cludging and praying for access rights so I ignore.</p>
<p>The Mobile Operator may allow any 1 or 2 only if;<br />
  A) Gone through stringent verification process - verzion but I don't think they support J2ME<br />
  B) and/or Midlet signed<br />
  C) and/or Partnered together with Operator.<br />

Based on all of these issue complexed tangled issues I don't see how I can meet requirements of "MUST Download from All Networks" and "Run on All Phones". Does anyone have any insights to offer me on how to meet these requirements? It is stated as if they are grocery shopping and it is as simple as picking a dozen eggs and milk. Am I making a big deal of nothing or is this task going to be monumental to get it to "Install and Run" and all networks and J2ME enabled phones? Actually, the brand of phone is not as important as how the Operator has it configured; ie, they can disable some features at the hardware/network level.

Here is the list of USA Mobile Network Operators. Is there an easy way to get above information without calling each one? I have to google "what are midlet communications limitation set by mobile network operators"

<br />
   AT&T Mobility<br />
   Verizon Wireless<br />
   Sprint Nextel<br />
   T-Mobile<br />
   Alltel<br />
   TracFone Wireless<br />
   U.S. Cellular<br />
   Virgin Mobile<br />
   MetroPCS<br />
   Cricket<br />
   Qwest Wireless<br />
   Unicel<br />
   Cellular South<br />
   Centennial Wireless<br />
   Cincinnati Bell Wireless<br />
   nTelos<br />
   SouthernLINC<br />

Maybe someone can help me kick start my brain into gear.

PS: sorry about posting message between tags but I could not figure out how to capture identitations otherwise.


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There's a really good podcast in the Mobile and Embedded community that discusses issues to do with developing 'off deck' applications and how to go about testing your apps as an independent developer.

I can't remember exactly which episode it was, but it featured a panel discussion from the Mobile and Embedded Developer Days earlier in the year. Try have a look back in the news entries for it.