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MIDlets on Pocket PC

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Hey all,

I've got PhoneME binaries install on my ARM Windows Moble 5.0 emulator. I can use it to run compiled classes which have a main method okay. But I want to run MIDlets. The installMidlet/etc tools don't seem to work on the platform. I can't just add a main method to the MIDlet that creates a new instance. How can you run MIDlets on PhoneME without installMidlet?

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Since you can run simple java programs with a main method, I am
assuming you are using the dual stack build (Foundation Profile with
MIDP support).

I have phoneME and the midlets installed in \phoneme. To run a midlet, I create 3 files:
1) \phoneme\HelloWorld.lnk
255#"\phoneme\bin\cvm.exe" -f "\phoneme\HelloWorld.txt"

2) \phoneme\HelloWorld.txt (everything below on 1 line)
-Xmx2m -Dmicroedition.profiles=MIDP-2.1
sun.misc.MIDPLauncher -midppath "\phoneme\midp\midp_wince\classes"
-suitepath "\phoneme\HelloWorld.jar" -1

3) \phoneme\HelloWord.jar
The jar with the midlet (including the manifest).

You may need to change the paths in the lnk or txt files if you have installed
phoneME or the midlets somewhere else. With the dual stack, you do not need to use installMidlet.


Joined: 2007-11-26

Whoops, I actually meant to install PhoneME feature! I'll go ask another question in the correct group this time.

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