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this is a thread for mobile java isnt it?

...if so, where would be correct place be for my last post?

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This is the right place for mobile java posts, however if your last post was about the javaSE application with a turtle going through a maze as a sophomore project, then you might want to look at some other sites such as, this is where students can get expert help to help them pass their courses.

I feel, and Terrence correct me if I'm wrong, is where Professionals come to for those buggers of issues with production situations.


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Sorry for the slow reply, I'm recovering from JavaOne ...

You might want to repost your question in

In general, you should give the folks on the forum a couple of days to look at your post, in particular if it contains a bunch of code. I can also recommend that you make your question more specific, i.e. debug your application further and provide some traces and debug output. Specific questions tend to be answered more quickly than open ended ones like the one you posted.

Hope this helps.

-- Terrence