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Testers for free OCR program wanted

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Joined: 2008-05-05

I have written a J2ME program that will take a photo, identify characters and words in that photo, and translate those words into another language. The code runs happily on my Nokia N70, however I have not tested the program on any other phone. Would anyone out there like to try the program on their phone and report back whether it works or not, and what problems they encountered? The program is totally free to anyone that wants to use it.

Who am I? Just some programmer who started this as a hobby. I have been working on character recognition off and on for the past few years. I reckon the program is now stable and accurate enough that it is time to try it on other phones.

Specifically the things I want to find out are:

  • What phones does the program run on? How much RAM does the phone have? What is the resolution of the phone's camera?
  • Does the program correctly identify characters? The translation word lists may not have every word in them, but does the program successfully identify most or all the characters in the photos you take?
  • How fast does the midlet process a picture? Seconds? Minutes? Days? On my Nokia N70 it usually takes between 30 seconds and a minute to process a photo.
  • Do all the screens display correctly? Do the main menu and the help screens display their images and text correctly without anything disappearing off the side of the screen?

If you are interested please goto and download the program.