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squawk specification

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Joined: 2008-04-25

First congratulation for the project. Now, besides trying to build the project, I want to figure out the philosophy, structure and so on of the VM. I read some papers about it ("Java on the Bare metal...", "A JVM Arch for Very Small Devices" among others) and you mention and cited "The Squawk System, Preliminary Draft Specification 2.1" (September 2002). Is it available? I couldn't find it on-line.

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Joined: 2006-09-08

Sorry for the delay. I collected some of our documentation and posted it to the svn repository. You can find it at:

TheSquawkSystem-Sep02.pdf is the "Preliminary Draft Specification". There has never been a nonpreliminary spec as far as I can tell.

Also included are documents describing:
- The Debugger
- The Squawk Preprocessor
- The Channel Architecture (which may be going away)
- How To Build Squawk (needs updating)
- A description of how synchronization works.