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Setting Ringtone For An Address Book Contact J2ME Programmatically

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We know that we can personalize phone calls from different persons in
mobile phones by assigning different ring tones for different contacts. But
programmatically i.e, especially in J2ME how to do the same process.

My question is "How to set different ring tones for different contacts in
address book programmatically".

Please guide me.


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Joined: 2003-06-15

Hi Rajasekhar,
Sad news, I was working at Ericsson when we tried to work with the PIM JSR-75 to do much this same thing, and it can not be done in JavaME, or at least consistently across different phones. The SE phone implementation required a native solution.

The Jsr75 for JavaME does not address custom ringtone fields, sad to say, and in some cases the ringtone has to be imported through a special process to have the phone recognize it.

As we move forward with MSA, Android, and such there may be opportunity to do such things but for now it is not mainstream.


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Sorry for the slow reply, I'm recovering from JavaOne ...

I am not an expert on this particular topic but I would guess that setting ringtones for specific contacts is platform specific. You may be able to set custom fields in the contacts database related to the ringtone via JSR-75.

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence