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Help Wanted: Java ME Tutorial writers

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Joined: 2003-08-06

Hey folks...

I posted this elsewhere ( see ) about the lack of a detailed tutorial for Java ME.

Terrance suggested putting a feeler out here to see if there is any interest in helping develop a Java ME tutorial in the same caliber as the Java SE and Java EE Tutorials that are available.

Proposed content would include (but not limited to):

* Background
* Differences between SE, EE, J2ME/JavaME, and What's Missing.
* phone ME Feature / Advance.
* Profiles, Configurations.
* CLDC, CDC, etc
* Supported JSRs
* Hello World
* Basic APIs
* Advanced APIs
* Java FX Mobile
* Deployment
* SVG, OpenGL ES
* JT Harness, CQME, and ME Framework
* Blue-Ray Disk Java, Open Cable, Mobile Developers Alliance, SunSPOT
* Squawk and Embedded Java
* Third Party Libraries (LWUIT,etc)
* Examples..examples..examples

Suggest it be a Wikibased document..

What do you think?

Eric Bresie

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Joined: 2003-08-06

Coming soon (hopefully)

Joined: 2003-08-06

As part of research for possible reference material, I noticed a few related tutorials/project in the works that might be worth mentioned in the tutorial. Maybe some of the content of each could be included as part of the Java ME Tutorial as a whole.

A lot of what I found is still Sun material. Maybe one of the Sun folks can answer this...Is this material reusable in this tutorial? It would go a long way towards producing content.

The links I've accumulated include the following:

Sun's Java ME Technology

Sun's Java ME References:

Technical Articles (Mobility Tech Tips, Java Card, Java ME, JavaFX)


Sample Code:


Sun's Java ME Technology

Supported Devices

Phone ME

Java Card Tutorial
Blue-Ray Java:

Open Cable.

Lightweight UI Toolkit for Java ME


Squawk (Java ME VM)

Sun Spots