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Plugin2 fails to pass jvm-arguments set via ControlPanel.

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I recently tried to profile some Swing-slowness I only see when running as applet by using hprof.

However on Linux/FireFox-3b5/jdk6u10-b22 it seems the command-line arguments set via ControlPanel are ignored, even if the applet itself does not set any arguments.
Although I can see the settings storen in .java/deployment/ "deployment.javapi.jre.1.6.0_10.args=-Xss2m"

No matter what arguments I specify, jconsole always tells me that the plugin's JVM wasn't started with my arguments.

I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I just did something wrong.
However I also tested with the "old" Plugin+FF2.0.11, and the old plugin does pass the arguments to the JVM.

lg Clemens

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Joined: 2003-06-16

I believe this was fixed in build 23 though I don't know the bug ID off the top of my head. We've unified how JREs are identified in between the Java Plug-In and Java Web Start and there were a couple of unintended side-effects, now fixed.

Joined: 2004-01-07

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
Good to know its fixed, I'll re-test with a more recent build as soon as its available.

Thanks, lg Clemens