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jtreg (based on jtharness) now open source

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JT Harness folk,

You all may be interested in the announcement to the OpenJDK project
earlier this evening, regarding jtreg. You can also see a somewhat
extended version of this message on my blog at

-- Jon

> I'm pleased to announce that the OpenJDK Regression Test Harness,
> also known as jtreg, is now available with an open source license,
> instead of the earlier binary code license. jtreg now uses the open
> source version of Sun's JavaTest harness, called JT Harness [1].
> Apart from the change to use JT Harness, and a few minor bug fixes,
> and a change in the version number, it is otherwise the same jtreg
> as before.
> For now, the source is available in a source bundle, available from
> the OpenJDK jtreg pages [2].
> Many thanks to all those on the OpenJDK, JT Harness and legal teams
> who worked to make this possible.
> -- Jon
> [1]
> [2]