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MyDoggy 1.4.2 - My Java Docking Framework

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Joined: 2005-10-05

This is the release 1.4.2 of MyDoggy, an open source Java Docking Framework to be used in cross-platform Swing applications. MyDoggy is an IntelliJ Idea like docking framework for managing secondary windows within the main window. MyDoggy allows to move, resize or extract those secondary windows. Also, MyDoggy provides support for content management of the main window. Like Eclipse, MyDoggy supports the concept of "prospective" using mydoggy groups.

In this new release you can found many bug fix and:

New Features:

-- Now you can disable the ContentManager. All the free space can be used by toolwindows.
-- Now can minimize content and toolwindow tab to save space.
-- Now you can add a button in the task bar for flaoting toolwindow and detached content.

Download packages using this url:

MyDoggy website :

To see MyDoggy in action go to :

Screenshots :