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Your 6u10 beta survey comments

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Hi All,

Thanks for filling out the 6u10 beta survey and provide us your comments. If you haven't done so already, please fill them out as the survey will end this Friday (5/2/08):

We've already started reviewing your comments. So let us know what you think about the 6u10. If you are seeing any bugs, please report them to

Thanks again for your feedback and thanks in advance if you are going to do so. ;-)

-- Roger Y.

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Thanks for all the hard work putting the comments together it is really appreciated!!

I noticed that b23 is available and although it looks like alot of good work done I am still hoping the following will get fixed soon so I can use 6U10 and give feedback:

Bug : 6671201
Bug : 6604357

One relates to being able to use synth with skins (JSpinner has a bug that prevents skin usage and the other using the webstart jnlp class loader to find the dlls installed for my app so I can pass the required classpath to the dll via jni or jna.


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Um, 6604357 has been fixed in b09.
If you still see the issue it could be a different bug - please file it.


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You are right I wrote down the related bug. I meant to write: 6657923.


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You can also vote on the bugs where you think it's important.

Roger Y.

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Thanks I and others have voted. I do encourage others to vote also.


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Now that javaOne is over the swing team promised to actively work on
bugs (nimbus and otherwise) in the weeks left for 6u10 development.


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Final Survey Result:

Total number of responses: 64
Survey Statistics % (total responses)
*for multiple choice questions only

Privacy Agreement
Sun may contact me. 34.3% (22)

1) What is your impression of the current stability of the 6u10 release?
1. crashes all the time 3.1% (2)
2. poor 0.0% (0)
3. so so 10.9% (7)
4. pretty good 64.0% (41)
5. solid rock 21.8% (14)

2) What is your impression of the performance of the 6u10 release?
1. painfully slow 1.5% (1)
2. poor 1.5% (1)
3. so so 9.3% (6)
4. pretty good 71.8% (46)
5. blazingly fast 15.6% (10)

3) What is your impression of RAM footprint of the 6u10 release?
1. unacceptable large 0.0% (0)
2. large 10.9% (7)
3. so so 50.0% (32)
4. small 35.9% (23)
5. very small 3.1% (2)

4) Do you think the current quality of the release is appropriate for a 'Beta Candidate'?
1. yes 92.1% (59)
2. no 7.8% (5)

5) Do you think the current quality of the release is appropriate for a 'Release Candidate'?
1. yes 45.3% (29)
2. no 54.6% (35)

6) For applet *startup* performance, how would you compare the 6u10 release to earlier Java releases?
1. slower than previous releases 3.1% (2)
2. about the same as previous releases 17.1% (11)
3. faster than previous releases 68.7% (44)
4. blazingly faster than expected 10.9% (7)

7) What is your impression of the stability of applets in the web browser in the 6u10 release?
1. poor 3.1% (2)
2. fair 23.4% (15)
3. good 54.6% (35)
4. excellent 18.7% (12)

8) Also if it is poor, did you use the new Java Plugin-In?
1. yes 67.1% (43)
2. no 32.8% (21)

9) What is your impression of the compatibility of the new Java Plug-In in 6u10 running older applets?
1. poor 3.1% (2)
2. fair 6.2% (4)
3. good 32.8% (21)
4. excellent 26.5% (17)
5. not try yet 31.2% (20)

10) Did you try the new Java Kernel Installer?
1. yes 43.7% (28)
2. no 56.2% (36)

11) What was your impression of the new Java Kernel Installer?
1. crashed or hung, could not use 1.5% (1)
2. experienced some problems, but it ran 9.3% (6)
3. it worked, but I was unhappy with overall experience 9.3% (6)
4. pretty good 15.6% (10)
5. rock solid 6.2% (4)
6. not try it yet 57.8% (37)

12) Have you used the new Deployment Toolkit feature?
1. yes 20.3% (13)
2. no 79.6% (51)

13) What was your impression of the new Deployment Toolkit feature?
1. unusable 1.5% (1)
2. poor 1.5% (1)
3. so so 6.2% (4)
4. pretty good 6.2% (4)
5. great stuff 10.9% (7)
6. not try yet 73.4% (47)

14) Did you try the new Java system properties which enables version download and pack2000 without the need to deploy JNLPDownloadServlet on web servers?
1. yes 14.0% (9)
2. no 85.9% (55)

15) How is the graphics performance in comparison with previous Java release you had installed?
1. worse 4.6% (3)
2. about the same 37.5% (24)
3. better 57.8% (37)

16) What was your previous Java release to compare to 6u10 on the graphics performance?
1. 1.4.X 0.0% (0)
2. 5.0_X 10.9% (7)
3. 6.0 and 6uX (prior to 6u10) 89.0% (57)

17) Did you try the new look and feel, Nimbus?
1. yes 56.2% (36)
2. no 43.7% (28)

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Joined: 2006-07-30

Here are your comments from the 6u10 beta survey:

- When trying to run the SwingDemo2 applet, I receive a confirmation dialog stating: "The application requires an earlier version of Java. Do you want to continue?" Since Java is backwards compatible, is this dialog really necessary?

- Great work !!!! Thank you ! PS : Please harry up with Java7 ;)

- There is nothing in this release which is good for desktop Linux users (neither Quickstarter nor kernel installer). So this release means nothing for me, except for the Javascript (so called deployment toolkit) which helps in detecting JRE and Nimbus look and feel. Pretty useless hype for non-Windows users.

- Non-rectangular windows are cool, as is the jqs service

- its good

- As a Java Developer I look forward to see Java going better and better.

- It is getting there - keep up the good work! Slightly off-topic: the current NetBeans 6.1 RC turns off DirectDraw, which seems like a bummer to all the great work that is done to make Java6u10 :-/

- The incremental downloading pops up lots of windows as it goes and seems unpolished.

- make the installation wizard cooler and faster please

- a step in the right direction, thank you guys.

- Please fix this bug -

- Just get this thing finished ASAP. :) We are waiting eagerly for you to release it! Good job so far.

- Using the new plugin, applets seem much less stable (using Firefox 3 Beta 5). Applets would run once but would hang when attempting to run again so for the time being, I've had to use the original plugin.

- Could not realy get the Nimbus LF to work

- The killer feature in Java kernel is the ability to create your own bundles. If this is not allowed, then the whole concept is useless. I want to be able to distribute applications with a 'jre kernel' and a minimal overall download size but cannot _require_ that my customers have network connectivity in order to run the application. Please give this a second thought.

- Ok, everything looks good to me (exepts some funky error messages sometimes ... but perhaps before this release). Only two bad experieces issue: - Download java APi messages are (stilll) not beautifull. Perhapsit would be nice to just meemic some good web 2.0 graphics templates. -I was very surprise to see my java3d programs hanged a bit. I still need to investigate more on this issue [openGl, DirectX, ...) . But I beleived 6u10 it would run (automatically) faster on any exiting 3D/java3D Application. --> It doesn't look like this. Anyway this upadate is globally a nice move for me. A way to be competitive in a web service arena. For me it is a way to leverage all java client APIs to the Web experience. Nice

- Using jEdit, Eclipse, HP OpenView, Tomcat on Windows XP and Linux professionally. On Windows XP, Java is slow when switching between applications that are already running. Don't care much about applets. Web start is the greatest feature. Jake2 is a cool demo. Please improve Linux (OpenSuse) experience. (Needs manual work after installing.)

- keep up the great work, the bubblemark running a java swing applet at 200 frames per second is very very impressive. looking forward to javafx running at similar rates once the compiler is complete.

- Applet startup should still be improved. Flash is way faster. We still know that it's in applet.

- Make it better for desktop applications!!!

- I run linux, so graphic performance does not change much with no changes in that area ;)

- The willingness to fix long lasting bugs has improved. However, this process can still be improved significantly!

- Impressed with very fast response to bugs reported on 6uN forum. Still wish old and unfortunately closed bug 6578074 could be addressed in this release to accommodate Wacom tablet-bearing designer types with Swing interfaces (see bug comments, issue affects JRE6 generally, is not 6u10 specific).

- I've had nothing but problems since I've got the latest version of Java. Now I can't check my banking online, among many other things. We have tried to delete jave through the control panel, and then re install it, but it still doesn't work!

- Nimbus : unselected text is white in white into NetBeans 6.1 ;) however, it's a pretty L&F !

- I think that Nimbus and the Deployment toolkit would require more work before moving to RC stage. Thanks for the effort!

- Java Kernel should use platform's proxy server. It seems to be going straight out to the net which is no good when you're stuck behind a firewall. This would be a show stopper in a corporate environment or a hotel. I tried it on WinXP with an authenticating proxy but it couldn't reach Sun's server to get more components. It did work when I came directly over the net from home.

- i like nimbus but, most of the applications (example swingx , netbeans) did not work properly, and nimbus performance not superior to metal, but i like it to much thanks a lot guys, good job,

- Shaping up to be a good release. -would be better if system tray icon was switched off by default as it degrades the user experience. -Java Logo colors could be a little less bright, see how mac have done it.

- Java Plugin staff have been excellent in helping to track down bugs and fixing them quickly.

- 120% awesome work! The kernel installer, java plugin 2 and the d3d performance boosts are fantastic.

- I almost don't use applets so having to fill questions on them is not relevant. Likewise for the deployement toolkit, someway to create a starter .exe would be of more use to me. For the java kernel, the window saying that pieces are being downloaded is not explicit enough (no progress of which piece is being downloaded) and it appears below the other windows (or so it seems to me)

- The Java logo in the system tray (notification area) really needs to go. It is annoying and exhaggerates the sluggishness of startup. The install process still needs to be easier, especially with kernel mode installs. The VM is still to crashy in cases where I reload a lot of applets. Also it gets completely confused by changing the jar file on an already running VM (ie, applet on c: drive, change the jar and reload the page, applet stops working... restart browser and it works). It is an improvement from past releases, but it still needs a lot of work, and you really need to emphasize the place to provide applet related feedback in the announcement of new beta releases.

<**** New comments after first post ****>

- The navigation applet in the IBM Redbook pages hang after about a minute with the new browser plugin. See

- My comments are mainly related to the Java Kernal installer. After having got users to download the Kernal JRE, just when they think the game is about to start, they had another wait while it went off to download extra packages, this was not good for the user experience. It might be nice if I could specifiy what packages to download along with the initial installation if I know certain packages are definitely needed. I'd rather they were download in one go with the JRE rather than have the user wait again. The progress bar when dynamically downloading packages jumped around quickly from 25 hours, to 2 mins, to 28 hours etc I got the following errors when first running applets in Firefox 2; "Java was unable to download the required components. The program will now exit." ----------- "Java(TM) Plug-in Fatal Error Cannot load class sun/plugin/JavaRunTime. The Bidge was installed at but the class in not there Modify the registry key to reflect the new bridge location the key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Plug-in or change your CLASSPATH to include the new directory"

- Please remove the task tray icon I really can't understand why people still want it in there Flash does not do it, and there is no need to tell the world that an applet has loaded So, I beg you - please, please, please remove it

- Dynamically inserting an applet or object (using Javascript) sometimes fails in Firefox 3 beta 5 (NPE for AppletViewer). No idea yet where the problem lies (FF or Java), but 1.6.0_05 has no problems. IE 7 and 1.6u10 seem to have no problems.

- Beware that Nimbus break many Java GUI application. Repainting of Screen corrupted the screen, and left screen unpainted sometimes.

- Make nimbus the default, or platform L&F the default. Metal/Ocean is so far out of date it is embarrassing, even with the issue of pixel perfect matching. This is a consumer JRE for goodness sakes, it needs to look good!

- Jogl applications freeze my Windows XP machine on 6n10 I have an Nvidia 8400GS (tried the latest detonator drivers too) on the whole a good step forward, If only I hadn't bought a Core Duo 32 bit Macbook Pro .... sigh!

- applet start up with Java quick start and next generation java plugin was unacceptably slow. On my workstation using the next generation java plugin feature start up was 3 seconds slower. This is completely unaccepted and a step in the wrong direction. My suggestion is not to enable next generation java plugin feature as the default setting.

- I notice a lot of flicker when running applets in the new plugin in Firefox 3 beta 5. I don't see any flicker when running the new plugin in IE 7. I am not sure if this is a plugin issue or a FF 3 issue. In IE 7, the new plugin does not repaint correctly when using the scroll wheel to vertically scroll the page (scroll bars work fine). White lines appear within the plugin and are not painted.
- Couldn't really get past the crashes. Had this the most with Eclipse - works fine with earlier releases - like u6.

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The comment on Linux is totally wrong.
I'm stuck for too long with Firefox 32bit because of the plugin. Now I can fully enjoy Java on my 64bit Firefox!

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Here is another plug for the survey.

We spent over an hour going over the responses yesterday and have had many discussions about the feedback since then. Some people who took the survey are being contacted for more information in regards to their comments.

Please take a few minutes and let us know what you think. So far there have been 53 responses to the survey. We would really like to see that number much higher.

Thank you for your time,
Roger L