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[nbusers] webservice with multiple ports

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Patrick Petit

Hi Jarek and All,

Ok, I found at least one problem. There maybe other down the road. We have a
bug in the way jaxws-build.xml is constructed and in particular the
wsimport-* targets which check ant condition for the presence of a
directory, which has a lot of chances of being already created since
multiple ports belong often to the same namespace root. That wsimport is not
executed for generating / compiling the common classes seems logical, but
it's wrong when it comes to preparing the deployment descriptor because then
files are missing under WEB-INF for the other ports... In particular the
is not executed
which crashes Glassfish deployment for the following ports:-(.

2008/4/30 Jaroslav Pospisil :

> Hi,
> problem is in JAX-WS, because it can't handle two ports in one cycle.
> Run the wizard twice (once for each port -choose ) and everything should be
> OK.
> -Jarek
> Patrick Petit wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> I am having the following problem. I am trying to create a jax-ws
>> webservice from WSDL on Glassfish v2 which has multiple ports like the code
>> snippet below. The wizard on Netbeans 6.1 doesn't seem to handle this
>> configuration correctly. Wsimport generation looks ok, but the service
>> endpoint for the second port is not created. How can I fix this problem
>> please? I am very much in need of a solution. Help appreciated!


>> Thanks
>> Patrick

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