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jmaki latest build

IE7, simple test case:

1. created jMaki project by wizard
2. added new page testincl.jsp by wizard
3. drag-n-drop to the page
4. drag-n-drop dojo.tabbedview to index.jsp
5. one tab of dojo.tabbedview changed to point to testincl.jsp

now, if I start testincl.jsp itself - I see the menu, but when I start index.jsp to see testincl.jsp as a part of tabview I don't see the menu anymore, although DOM structure shows appropriate DIVs.

btw, I did remove strange comment ( ) from component.htm and I still see the menu without problems when start testincl.jsp alone. So, what for is that comment I can't understand.

how to make working from the page included to dojo.tabbedview ?

is there any other simple looking vertical menu like ?

thanks in advance for help

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We will be updating the Yahoo Library to 2.5.1 which I am hoping will fix the issue. The update should be available in the next few hours as jMaki version 1.8.0 Beta 2 or (Ajax Support 1.7.2 for Netbeans).

If it is still a problem we do what we can to fix it in our next bea.