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NetBeans 6.1 RC2

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Joined: 2007-10-18

Just took The new NetBeans for a spin..

I imported a Java EE5 project and when I tried to build I got this output:

Either open the project in the IDE and assign the server or setup the server classpath manually.
For example like this:
ant (where you put the property "j2ee.platform.classpath" in a .properties file)
or ant -Dj2ee.platform.classpath= (where no properties file is used)

Anyone knows an easy way to get around this??
I believe a lot of people would love a step by step guide for importing project from 6.0 to 6.1 if this is in fact a general issue for now (as it looks to me).

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Joined: 2007-10-18

Okay, I solved the problem myself.

To begin with I'd added an external server to NetBeans and then to my newly opened projects. This was what coursed the exceptions.

So to solve the problem, I needed to choose the local GlassFish server as server for my project first time I compiled my existing NetBeans 6.0 project. Needed classes are found locally by NB 6.1

After the first compilation I can switch to an external server and everything works smooth from there!

Hope this post will help/inspire the NB team to refactor/improve the "Open Project" functionality...