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Questions related to JTHarness & cqME framework for OSGi & eRCP/eSWT apps.

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Can we use JTHarness & ME framework independent of the IDEs?
We need to test OSGi/eRCP apps. I am not sure if OSGi & eRCP/eSWT are supported by Netbeans IDE mobility. From documentation I did not see any dependency. But would like to check with others before going in that direction.


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Vladimir Sizikov


There is no hard dependencies on NetBeans or any other IDE in either
JTHarness or ME Framework. Both projects are buildable via stand-alone
ant, completely independent from the IDE. And they don't use any IDE
specific code at runtime too. JTHarness is a generic test
harness/infrastructure (originally created when there were no Java IDEs
at all, to test the Java SE itself :) ), and ME Framework is an
extension of JTHarness to Java ME world.

ME Framework's source repository has the NetBeans config files, so that
you could easily open the sources in the NetBeans, but it's equally
simple to use it with Eclipse, for example (I have ME Framework project
imported in both Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs).


On 4/24/2008 3:52 PM, wrote:
> Can we use JTHarness & ME framework independent of the IDEs?
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