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Feedback on new applet plugin

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Joined: 2008-03-14

I will assert without proof that the number of end users of an applet that will be asked to open the Java console is vanishingly small. To annoy the entire end user community with the tray icon doesn't seem to me to be worth serving that tiny percentage of people who will actually be asked to open the Java console.

And remember, it is just as easy to open the Java console from the Tools menu...

On the other hand, having a tray icon can be very useful for developers so I would have an option in the Java Control panel to Show/Hide the tray icon....

Joined: 2004-05-12

I agree that most users do not want the tray icon there to open the java console.
Maybe the best cause of action is that it is up to the webpage which hosts the applet to decide whether the tray icon should appear, through a parameter option. This should appease both camps. I think by default it should not appear (just like flash).