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cant run jxse

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Joined: 2008-04-15

hope don's bother you.
I'm really lost, the user guide(jxse_progguide_v2.5) its too overhead, i even don't
understand how to run the jxta examples.

What do i have to do, to set, etc., to achieve runing examples or begin muy own example code en runing it?
Do i have to set envitoment varialbes?, do i have to build the jxse project?, where do i have to put the jxta.jar file(i have it under jre\lib\ext directory)?,

I trying to debugg helloworld example but it raise errors(15) one of them is:
path\ tutorial.advertisment.Advertismenttutorial is
not abstract and does not override method getindexmap() in

I opened the net.jxta.document.Advertisement file and the Advertisement Class is abstract, and the getindexmap method doesn't exists in this class?.
Whats happening, what i'm doing wrong.
I tryied to seprate the helloworld to runing it out of the jxse project, i created a new
project and paste the helloworld code under a new file, i debugged the file but the
error "java.util.nosuchelementexception: key 'jxta: PeerGroupConfigAdv' not
at net.jxta.util.classfactory.getinstatiator(
at ..." error ocurrss in manager.startNetwork() code line.
Is the helloworld linked to another files in The tutorial?
What do i have to register?

I there is documentation another of those guide where basic steps to run jxse are
mentioned please let me know and give some link please.
Hope understand and help me,
Best Regards

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Joined: 2008-04-15

the eclipse plugin still raising errors,
when i ran the helloworld example the error "java.lang.SecurityException: class
"net.jxta.platform.ModuleClassID"'s signer information does not match signer
information of other classes in the same package" raised in
manager = new NetworkManager(NetworkManager.ConfigMode.ADHOC,
"HelloWorld", new File(new File(".cache"), "HelloWorld").toURI());
code line

What's happening why i had been too many troubles to run jxta, what else do i
have to do, there's another version other than 2.5 that been stable and works fine


Joined: 2008-04-15

i have jdk-6-windows, java studio creator 2 update1 and windows vista running on my computer

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you have to add the jxta plugin for eclipse in eclipe's librairies of your project.

Joined: 2008-04-15

This will fix all the errores mentioned above?
Did you meant into creator's lib path(im using studio creator 2 update1 not eclipse, do i have to use eclipse to work with jxta?)
Where all this information are?, i mean, for newbies like me, how can we start develping our apps. with jxta if we even can't configure and run jxta neither run the tutorial example.
Do i have to rename the file to jxta and replace it into the lib path, or this a different file than jxta.jar?