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OpenJDK hijacked

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Joined: 2003-08-24 reads:

"Following a unanimous vote by members of the Compiler Group, the OpenJDK project has approved a closures project."

digging deeper reveals that there are only *7* people eligible to cast their vote on this topic. Haven't we learned anything?! Come on!

Can you honestly tell me that the Java community at large *unanimously* approves the addition of BGGA closures to OpenJDK? I think not. This sounds like a few "determined individuals" cramming this down our throats.

It's one thing for them to decide to develop closures for OpenJDK as a prototype or optional add-on. It's another thing for them to bundle it into the core distribution. This isn't what OpenJDK is supposed to be all about. This is nothing short of hijacking the community effort!

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Joined: 2004-10-07

Hi Gili, a project is just a project supported by an OpenJDK group:
So BGGA will not be included as is into the language.

If you want participate to the debade:
- become a JCP member, closure will not be included into the language
without a JSR.
- create a blog and let make your voice heard.


Joined: 2003-08-24

Hi Remi,

I didn't understand it was just a project. Thanks for the clarification :) I also didn't know becoming a JCP member was free for individuals so I'll look into doing that as well :)