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Java ws in a new Project

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Joined: 2008-04-19

Hi everybody!

I have to start a new Project based on web services. I'm an expert in Java but I´ve never done a web service before.

I need some help to decide which technologies are the most appropiated for building the project. This is what I need:

Basically, I have a J2EE app installed standalone in many servers and I need to build an app to serve the requests from these J2EE applications. Of course the ws app will be in a different server.

When I said based on ws is becouse 90% of the application will be web services but 10% will be a J2EE app.

I´ve read about glassfish, metro, ... What would you use on the server and the client side?

Hope you can help me.

Thanks a lot!

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Joined: 2008-04-19

Shall I use jax-ws?