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J2MEE and device hardware

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I've a question regarding programming J2ME applications for cell phones. Is there a point where the programmer needs to have hardware-specific knowledge of the device he is working on? I mean, what are the other prerequisites besides Java that a programmer needs to know? either communication engineering or hardware ones?


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From the perspective of an experienced mobile developer, one imminent challenge is, in a word: fragmentation.
It's one thing you can expect -- deviations of how accurately any particular Java ME interface is supported on a given device.
So, test early and test often since what you see as (simulated) functionality in your development workspace might often not correlate with your expectations once deployed to an actual hand held mobile device.
And, once deployed, how does connectivity effect your mobile application?
Better to identify these issues before your customer does, right?
You might also consider a development / testing / deployment procedure that helps to account for this via your IDE of choice or another tool like Polish... also, consider how MSA applies to what you know about the devices you're targeting... good luck!

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Yes and no. Java ME abstracts you from the hardware details by way of the optional JSRs. That means you never program the device or I/O or hardware directly but always via a high-level portable (at least in theory) Java-based interface. That said, as a programmer it *does* help to understand a bit about how the underlying hardware works to make best use of the features provided by the API.

-- Terrence