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New BD-J Developer, Pleas Help!

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Joined: 2008-04-08

Hello all.

I'm a new developer (actually I try to be a new one...) and I have some problems.

I've read "Programming HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc : The HD Cookbook" and tried to run the sampleProject but I had problems with it. I've read the article, but still I can't do nothing. I would like to make a GRIN file for a menu with a button and when this button is pressed a movie starts. I'm working with Scenarist. Can I have complete details on how can I make this happen?

In my point of view, I must start a project on Scenarist, have the Clip ready (on clip editor) and have the Stream ready (on Stream Editor). Then what? Should I write an xlet and compile it with Eclipse? Should I write a GRIN file and compile it with what? How can I have access to the GRIN file from the xlet? What else (except for ScenaristHDMV, Scenarist BD-J, Scenarist Emulator, should I set up on my computer? I'm working on Windows XP(if that helps).

Thanks a lot,
in advance.