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Not getting internal DTD in written xml.

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I have an xml file...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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Corets, Eva
5.95 you see, with an internal dtd.

I am reading it with an XMLStreamWriter, allocating events for all XMLStreamConstants types,
and writing them to the XmlEventWriter with add(). Later on, I parse and load as a dom,
which I do as follows:

DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
DocumentBuilder builder;
builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
builder.setErrorHandler(myHandler); // if null, uses default handler
try {
XMLEvent ev;
// Create an Event from the current event of the Reader.
// Then write it to a pipe, and parse (load) the piped InputStream as a Node.
PipedOutputStream ps = new PipedOutputStream();
PipedInputStream is = new PipedInputStream(ps);
try {
XMLEventWriter writer = XMLOutputFactory.
while (reader.hasNext()) {
ev = p0.getAllocator().allocate(;
catch (XMLStreamException e){
throw new XmlException(e.getMessage());

Node node = builder.parse(is); // problem starts HERE

This 'node' above is later output as an xml file, and the dtd is missing.
When I do a 'toString()' on the events added to the writer, I see the whole DTD.
But when I look at the Node, and when I traverse the DOM, and when I output the
DOM, no DTD.

Did I do something wrong?
Everything else works fine. There is an error above in the xml, and that is handled
just fine. It's all working great, but the DTD disappears.

Suggestions? Corrections?


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Hi Minka99,

For the purpose of creating a Document from a file, DOM can be used directly to parse the file and return a Document, in which case there's no need to go through a StAX read-and-write. If you do need the StAX read/write part in your application for other reasons, you could pair the Event Writer with an Event Reader or use the Event Factory to avoid reference to implementation class.