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New to J2ME

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Dear all,

I'm brand new to J2ME and now I've an idea of what the configuration is, and what profile is. I'm a little bit confused about the following:

1. If I'm going to develop mobile applications, will I use the CDC or the CLDC configuration?

2. Regarding the different devices, does each brand or series of mobiles requires its own SDK? or will I just make my application with an IDE and then deploy it on my device?

3. Lastly, how will I deploy my application on my device...using standard JAR file mechanism or what?

I'd be very grateful if someone helps me with these questions or sends me links or resources where I can start with.

best regdards

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I'll be happy to answer your questions but please be sure to check our extensive wiki on the topic of Java ME:

Some answers:

1. The vast majority of mobile phones today (80%) ship with CLDC and MIDP so that is probably your target.

2. You develop most of the code on the IDE but since devices do differ in screen size and other properties you will want to test on each device you want to deploy. Some device manufacturers have their own emulators to emulate specific proprietary device features.

3. MIDP defined that every device must support over-the-air installation. An application consists of a jad and jar file. For development you can often send those to files to the device via USB or Bluetooth to avoid wireless charges.

Hope that helps

-- Terrence