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Used BD-RE's 25 or 50 GB

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General Question: Is there any way that I can sell or exchange BD-RE's somewhere?

The ones we use, we burn on once or twice and then just put in a huge box that has hundreds of perfectly usable BD-RE's. We don't use them more than twice because we are a huge studio that does most of the main titles that come out and we want to send our newest burnt BD titles to our QC department. The ones we chuck in the drawer are still perfectly usable, it's just our standard.

If anyone knows of an exchange program or even some smaller studios who may want to use them, please let me know. I hate to see them go to waste if they can be exchanged or reused.


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You should really talk to your boss and tell him that once erased, a BDRE disc is as good as new, even if there are some areas with previously burned data. This is really a stupid waste!
PS: why not use BD-R instead? They are cheaper!