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dynamic yahoo.dataTable

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hi, I´m developing a web application and I get data from multiple database table so that have no specific order, so I ordered them by columns, rows and data information between every column and row, I filled a string[] array with the columns headers other string[] with the row headers, and a string[rows][columns] with the data from row[0],row[1], etc and column[0], column[1], etc, now that I have this information I would like to know how can I dynamically create a dataTable and the model for the dataTable considering that each rows[], columns[] and data[][] arrays depend on a method that receives as a parameter the title of a group.

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You can dynamically create a data table. It's pretty easy and the column names can be customized. The format is described at:

By what you describe you should be able to easily feed data into a table with a little modification or using a jMaki Filter.

The wiki page also discusses the crud operations you can do on a table

Arun has a screencast on this topic at:

If you still have problems let us know.