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Hi all,

I am struggling with a bug on the PS3 that Bill and Chihiro know about (I have not yet received an answer from Sony).
Basically, with a bdjo set to QHD (960x540) the application is launched in FullHD. The same disc works absolutely fine on all the players I could test it on (7 different players).
It is important that the application stays in QHD, for memory and speed reasons. So the app is in 960x540.

So I was thinking about how could I make it work on all players seemlessly. On all players, but the PS3, the screen is set to 960x540. But on some players, even if the screen is set to QHD, the scene.getBounds() method returns 1920x1080!
On the PS3, the getBound method returns 1920x1080.
So an easy way to fix this on the PS3 would be to call getBounds and if the value returned is FullHD, zoom the graphics by 2 before transfering them onto the screen. This works on my PS3. But some players, even if the actual screen resolution is QHD, return a FullHD in a getBounds of the scene! So I'm stuck here.

So my questions.

-> Is there a way to actually know that the application is working on a PS3? Getting the name of the machine. If so I could correct the bug specifically for it.
-> If not, is there a way to get the actual hardware screen resolution of the application (as I cannot trust getBounds).

If I knew a way to get either one of this information, I could set a zoom factor automatically on the PS3, making QHD applications run full screen on a PS3, and run normally on other players.

Thanks, Francois