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(Server)Socket application deploying

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Joined: 2008-04-09

Hi there! I have a question about deploying java (Server)Socket applications.
I know how to make a client application and a server application. They just connect to eachother with a serversocket/socket.
I can run to two applications locally and they work fine. (they communicate)

The thing is: how can I deploy the server application on my server on the internet?
I have apache running over there. (not tomcat, but I dont need that for this simple program do I?)

Do I need to just upload some .class files with ftp? But how do I start them up over there?

In the future I want to make a simple game, where multible client applications can make a connection
with my server, where a java application is running. (with UDP in that case, right now TCP is fine)

Thanks in advance for your time/response,
Matthijs Dinant.

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Joined: 2008-03-24

I think you need to login your host remotely and start what you want, using PUTTY or something like that.