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Problems with deployment kit, has a bug

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Just tried out the deployment kit on one of our production client which uses java 5.0 , but there is a deployment bug

var url = "client.jnlp";
deployJava.createWebStartLaunchButton(url, '1.5.0');

1. First Java SE 6 is installed
2. Then an Unable to launch the application dialog box appears <- very confusing for the end users
3. At the same time a Java SE 5 is autodownloaded
4. Then the Application is started

Is this a beta bug? Under details, could not load file url specified

I hope that all those install and accept dialog boxes disapear, as an interactions designer, this will confuse the hell out of our end user's

None of my users care about Google bar, Open office or where java comes from, come on deployment guys, test your deployment out on real end users.

Java rocks, but to beat Flex in ther enterprise we need a transparent deployment



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