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Joined: 2008-04-07

I'm kind of new to phoneME, so please excuse my ignorance.
There has been a great deal of interest over at the ipodlinux project regarding the feasibility of a java environment on the ipod. Some devs have compiled and run KVMs that appear to run fine on the ipod, so we are looking to move on from there. I was wonderign what you guys think about the such a move via phoneME, and if possible, where to start.

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Sorry for the sluggish reply. Catching up with the forums.

Bringing phoneME to an embedded Linux platform is pretty easy, at least when it comes to the basic VM. phoneME Feature, for example, can be ported to a new platform in a matter of days - the abstraction layer is very straightforward.

The first decision is whether you need CLDC or CDC (phoneME Feature or Advanced). Then go to the respective wikis and read up on the docs there. That should give you a good starting point. Also, the forums are active so that's another good place to get help.

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence