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Adding new Shape3D Objects

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Hello All,

Thanks so much for all the help from the people in this forum. I have learned so much about the Java3D API.

I have a quick question about adding new Shape3D Object to a currently existing Shape3D Object. First a quick discription of what I am trying to do.

I started off with a Class that extended the Shape3D Class and was made-up of several different GeometryArrays. I allowed the user to select a GeometryArray via the Mouse. Once selected, another Shape3D Object was created from the GeometryArray and placed exactly where the original GeometryArray was selected. I don't remove the original GeometryArray since it is still a part of the original Shape3D Object and must remain that way.

The problem is probably self-evident, but I get Appearance "stripping" (a Z-buffer tear ?) in the new Shape3D - looks like a rendering battle between the original GeometryArray (part of the original Shape3D) and the new Shape3D.

Just wondering if anyone had some fresh ideas or hints out there ? I thought about adjusting the vertex points of the new Shape3D such that it sets just above the original GeometryArray.

Thanks for any help.

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Dmitri Darine

i'm not sure about the 'freshness' of these hints, but:

1) Play with transparency of the new shape
2) Don't mess with vertices, try


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On some OpenGL drivers, the polygon offset operation has some cost, specially on large meshes.
Test it against your target hardware, specially ATi and Intel.

Joined: 2007-08-13

THANK YOU!!!! It was just what I needed, everything works great now :)

Thank you a million times over.