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Adding components (JPanel)s with different layout managers

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Joined: 2007-06-10

Is there any problem with adding different components to a GUI and using different layout managers?
For example, if I use NetBean's GUI builder to initially build an application, javax.swing.GroupLayout is used to layout all of the panels and buttons, etc. in the generated code.

Then, I would like to add an org.jfree.JFreeChart object using a org.jfree.chart.ChartPanel into one of my JPanels. (FYI, ChartPanel extends javax.swing.JPanel) The default layout manager for a ChartPanel is FlowLayout.

The code to add the ChartPanel is:

<br />
        ChartPanel trngChart = demoChart();<br />
        JPanel chartJPanel = getChartsJPanel();<br />
        chartJPanel.add(trngChart);<br />

I haven't gotten this to show the chart yet. If I pop it up in its own window (I use a new JFrame for this) rather than using a JPanel in the existing GUI, then it works just fine.
So, I have started tinkering with the layout luck yet.


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Joined: 2007-06-10

I will need to look into this a bit more.
I have found that adding in a generic JButton (instead of the ChartPanel) also does not seem to work.
Possibly there is some trick to adding visual components that I have overlooked.
The code for adding the JButton is:

[code] JPanel cjp = getChartsJPanel();
cjp.add(new JButton("press me"));

Joined: 2007-06-10

This had something to do with the layout manager that I have not yet completely grokked.
When I add:

[code]cjp.setLayout(new FlowLayout());[/code]

before I add the component, it works just fine.
The previous layout manager was a GroupLayout.
When I figure out the right code for adding a component with the GroupLayout manager, I will post it.

Joined: 2007-06-10

The previous problem was improper use of a GroupLayout.
Here is the minimum code that I have found that works using the GroupLayout to add a single JButton to a JPanel:

JPanel bjp = getButtonJPanel();
JButton btn = new JButton("press me too");
GroupLayout lm = (GroupLayout)bjp.getLayout();
GroupLayout.SequentialGroup hGroup = lm.createSequentialGroup();
GroupLayout.SequentialGroup vGroup = lm.createSequentialGroup();

Obviously, using a FlowLayout is a bit simpler for a single component. I think I will only use GroupLayout when I can't get the job done an easier way.....