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sms aplication for Mobile

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Joined: 2008-04-02

How can I change absolutely the look of my phone,that only you turn on,and is ready to compose sms and receive sms(blocking all others functions)
-but at the time is composing ,only the first word of the key you press is available,blocking the others
-the most important:a timer system tigger after you press the key,allow you only 5 sec to complete only 10 caracters,(if you only complete 9 caracters in 5 sec all the 9 caracters are cleaned,and you need to start again)
-but if you complete the all 10 caracters on time,the phone will automat send a respective sms to a selected number,and start again
how can i make all of this,what tools I need?you have some ideas on how write this?

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Joined: 2006-10-17

Please look at "Mobile & Embedded » ME Interest" forum for answer on the question. In two words, no, it is impossible to change the look absolutely and you even can not write regular SMS client using JSR120 because midlet can not intercept all incoming messages.