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Why is Java Deployment kit installing beta version of jre?

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Hi All,

I discovered if you use the Java Deployment kit when no jre is installed it downloads and installs jre 1.6 U10 b14. If a version of 1.6.0 is installed it does not download the beta of 6uN.

If I use either of the following it downloads the beta:
deployJava.createWebStartLaunchButton(url); or

I really do not want users downloading the beta yet.


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Hi Tony,

With the below JavaScript, 1.6.0_10 beta will only be installed if the Java DT Plug-In is already installed on the system.

This will only be true on clients who have already installed one of the EA or beta versions of 6u10.
For clients who have never downloaded 6u10, they will be redirected to and 6u5 will be installed.

For instructions of how to remove the Java DT Plug-In, please refer to:
or the beta site:

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I heard a rumor about this. So in summary deployJava.js will only be good for versions 6u10 and beyond. In others words it will never be a path to do updates automatically from 1.4x or 1.5.x or 1.6.0_05 from a web page to a production version till after you provide a production version of 6u10bx.

So the path for upgrade from a browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari ect) without user manually doing the work is still a tricky path (i.e. not possible) as far as using Sun or solutions??

Thats my synopsis (conclusion).

Please prove me wrong with a working solution (a working example for at least IE and Firefox).


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The "b" does not mean beta, it indicates "build", so b1.6 means Build 1.6. Please spend some more time reading sun's java site.

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> The "b" does not mean beta, it indicates "build", so
> b1.6 means Build 1.6.
Build 1.6 - huh? Never seen that strange build-numbers ;)

1.) 1.6 is the version number
2.) b14 is the build number
3.) u10 - means the 10th update release

Indeed - jdk6u10b14 is currently beta.

> Please spend some more time
> reading sun's java site.
I only can advise you to do the same.

lg Clemens

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Thanks lg you are very correct!

The title on the main web page of Sun as of 6:38AM PST is:

Java SE 6 Update 10 Beta

As you know the b is followed by three other letters which spell beta. Good to see someone who read what I wrote and understands :-)

I have been in software engineering for over 24 years and I know what a build is :-)


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I figured out how to disable auto download using deployJava.js.

I will look for another solution to get java to the desktop. I have hundreds of downloads every week and not being able to use deployJava.js to download silently (without users manually doing it) is such a great shame.