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licensing - redistribution of jars?

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I'd like to understand the restrictions, if any, on redistributing javafxrt.jar with my application.

The blog post at says:

"Nandini Ramani (Sun) clears up any confusion on the JavaFX user list:

'I would like to reiterate that it is perfectly fine to distribute your JavaFX applications, in fact we encourage it. I was just pointing out that it is not yet ready for commercial use. [Developers] are welcome to distribute their applications.

'Unlike other proprietary companies, we at Sun really do believe in open source and community involvement. I am sorry we do not have a licensing model in place yet, but I assure you that we are working on it and I will keep you all posted as soon as we have one in place. '"

However, the license in
is still the Technology Evaluation License.

Or am i looking in the wrong place?



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Look at the project which creates javafxrt.jar, openjfx-compiler. Its license is GPL 2.