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Interactivity Survey starts today.

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Hi everyone,

We've started out doing interactivity for DVDs using tools like Interactual, then we built our own and then we moved to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray and through all this we've developed titles that have been extremely interactivity, such as controlling a live mapping system by watching the DVD or using the Map system to control the DVD. During the last several years we've always had a focus on authors and developers at the same time we've also had a focus on the consumer who is going to enjoy or dislike the interactive features. So this year we decided to work with the DVDA and the consumer focused site to see how the consumer perceives interactivity, we built questions around some of the ideas we've been working on as well as what has already been done on all the different optical formats. We will present the findings at this years NAB If you have an opinion about interactivity or are just curious about what people want please feel free to visit survey page found here:

If you have any questions in regards to the survey please contact myself directly.

Denny B.
NetBlender DoStudio Blu-ray Team - DSA -