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jt harness and code coverage

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Hi everybody,

I am setting up a test environment using JT Harness. One thing that is very important to me is to generate some kind of code coverage report.
During my research I found out about EMMA ( which looks quite good. Now I would like to integrate EMMA (or at least something like that) into the test process. The problem is that the test process is controlled by the JT Harness GUI and I don't know how to hook into that process.

Does anybody have some experience with that? Or am I totally wrong and there is a very comfortable way to achieve my aim?

Thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2004-12-13


I have not looked at Emma in a while. The harness should be flexible enough to do what you want, but you will need to investigate how much modification is needed for your test execution process to make it possible.

What kind of test infrastructure have you built already? Or what are you basing your JT Harness test suite on?

The main question we need to determine here is how much will it take and how much are you willing to do.