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Building CDC Application on PocketPC

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Hi all,

Quick facts :
- I've built a simple CDC app (AWT) and have tested it on HP iPAQ.
- I'm currently using IBM J9 for this purpose.
- I'm using Apache Derby embedded database (with a problem while importing CSV files, which got something to do with the max *.dll limitation from WM5, according to IBM's article)

I want to extend my app further towards printing, but i'm quite lost about what to do ..

I want the CDC application be able to print to a bluetooth printer from PDA. Just a simple text file. So please advise me on these issues :
- Any recommendations on the bluetooth printers ?
- Do i have to use JSR 82 implementation to print on printers ?
- Any suggestions on JSR 82 implementations ?
- Can we just connect the printer to the WM5, and do some Runtime.exec(...something like type blah.txt > lpt1) in order to print without using the bluetooth API ? :)

Also, could you recommend web sites to check to get informative updates on CDC development ?

Thank You,

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Joined: 2007-11-26

I've found and use the steps from this page :

Very useful !

Developing with this has never been easier (at least for me who's never experienced this kind of integrated stuff).

I just need to build guis using gui builder from netbean, hit run, and the program is run on the pocket device automatically without any manual hassles like building the jar file, copying it to the mobile device, running it using long command line or a link file.

One could also develop this without using the actual mobile device, one could make use of emulator.

Hope this could be useful somehow for some people

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You should check out the "CrEme" jdk fom NSIcom ( ).

I wrote a complete pocket pc application for distribution sync'ing with SAP on the backend. It supports bluetooth printing and wireless sync with the backend.

I evaluated J9 early on for the project but found that CrEme was a much better jdk for the pocket pc platform. Last I knew IBM wasn't even updating the codebase for J9 anymore.

All you need for bluetooth support is support for the Java serial communications API (which CrEme provides). All communication between your app and the bluetooth printer is just simple serial communication (the pocket pc's bluetooth stack handles the rest). Get ready to program control characters for formatting on each printer you want to support. My app supports Oneil printers (I highly recommend these too!). Other than that the bluetooth printing support was relatively simple to implement.

CrEme even supports both SWT and Swing which you might find desirable over AWT if you're doing anything beyond a basic GUI in your app.

Hope this helps you,

Joined: 2007-11-26


To me, your advice is more valuable than gold.

Thank you very much !

May you be happy at heart,
Albert Kam