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First Steps in Java WS

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Hi guys...

My first step in NetBeans was made just yesterday. I started a web project and build a class and a web service in the same packadge. The WS take 2 xml strings and return a new xml with some encripted data.

Ok... the job I think is finish... Now, I need to upload it to the server so I can call it... Do I need to build it ?? And what files to upload ??? How to upload to the server one WS created whith netBeans 6 ???

Thanks in advance.

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Do a "Clean and Build" at the library level (right-click on the library). Then do a "Deploy." This will compile your web service and deploy it to the server you specified for your application.

We built our application with two libraries, Server, and TestWeb. Server contains the web service classes. TestWeb contains JSP pages that consume the web service.