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About porting of CVM

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Bill Sheppard

Hi, Blueshycool, wrote:
> Hello gays:
> I'm a member of a team which is developing a BD-J platform.
> And I am in charge of the module of CVM.
> Our hardware platform is SuperH4,but I have found any version of cdc for SH4.
> So I did it by myself.
> I have port the cdc1.0 to Superh4, but it works so unsteadily.We review the
> invokeNative_superh4.S many times.We can't find any prombles.
> So any one can give me a suggestion about the file invokeNative_superh4.S?
This forum is primarily for BD-J content developers, not platform
developers. If you're developing a commercial BD-J platform I'd suggest
contacting me directly (bill.sheppard at so I can put you in
touch with the appropriate contacts regarding commercial BD-J
implementation technology and requirements. If your port is based on
the reference implementation of CDC we've published under SCSL there are
several factors you should be aware of, including use of CDC 1.0 instead
of 1.1 and that the reference implementation does not include any
run-time optimization (hotspot), so performance may not be acceptable to
meet typical commercial requirements. Sun does have an optimized CDC
implementation for SH4 which will likely be a much better starting point
for a BD-J implementation.

Best regards,

Bill Sheppard
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Wow - this might be the first post in our forum from those doing the BD-J player impl explicitly. I'm excited.

But I don't think we have CVM exports here. PhoneME Advanced might be a better forum to try your question, since it is hosted by engineers focusing on CDC platform impl.


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Thank you very much!