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Problem in Installing JavaFX for NetBeans 6.0.1

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Joined: 2008-03-22

Hi ,

I am using NetBeans6.0.1. The problem I am facing while installing/updating JavaFX plug-in in NetBeans6 is that the system is watched by network firewall.
NetBeans is unable to retrieve information about the updates as firewall doesn't allows it to do so.

I badly need JavaFX plugin installer(I hope it is something like javaFX.nbm file) so that I can update it offline by searching it through Downloaded tab in the plugin window.

Please don't give me this link ( ) to update my NetBeans for JavaFX.

If there is any option to update NetBeans for JavaFX, do let me know.

Also, why have you given just one option for installing JavaFX Plug-in in NetBeans??

I am eagerly waiting for reply.

PS NetBeans6 doesn't highlights(active) Updates and Available Plug-in's in the plugin window.


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Joined: 2007-07-12

The public daily builds of compiler version of JavaFX Script plugin are available from

You can download a zip archive that contains nbm modules and install them.
Note that plugin requires NetBeans 6.1