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Multi-sequence accelerators for JMenuItems?

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I'm attempting to support multi-sequence accelerators in JMenuItems while using the Windows look and feel. For example,

<br />
File<br />
--------------------------------<br />
Open...           Ctrl+X Ctrl+F<br />
Save              Ctrl+X Ctrl+S<br />
Close             Ctrl+X Ctrl+K<br />
etc.<br />

(If you are an Emacs user, these sequences will look familiar.)

Previously, we were able to do this by supplying our own subclass of BasicMenuItemUI, and this still works fine on other platforms. Now, however, with all the special rendering for Vista, our subclass does not render the same as Sun's WindowsMenuItemUI.

Can anyone think of a good way to accomplish this? We are really stuck!

Thanks, Jared