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How to stop compilation of java files from phoneME build completely?

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How to stop building all java files when we are doing phoneME build ? And instead of building and compiling they should be using pre-built classes either from (non romized) or romized .

Main reason for this need is because I don't want to use J2SDK for ARM build in scratchbox.

This is in continuation to resolve my issues with scratchbox posted earlier at

As per my understanding this can be done by modifying make files, but which files precisely ?


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Hi tushar,

you need to modify the rule for the target $(CLDC_ZIP) in cldc/build/share/jvm.make
and all rules for the target $(MIDP_CLASSES_ZIP) in midp/build/common/makefiles/*.

Yet, I think this way you might have more chances to get some strange build failures
or incomplete builds.
I would suggest to get J2SDK running properly in scratchbox.