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Browser Crashes with JavaFX Applet and General Questions

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I'm pretty comfortable that JavaFX has a lot of potential for short cutting a lot of AJAX related work, and struts etc, etc, the list goes on. When I moved into web development after a short spell using Applets I hated web page design (bear in mind that I develop corporate data intensive applications) I made the move back to GUI's in the shape of web start as a result after 3 years of mind numbing web work so I and others have been waiting for JavaFX for a long time.

There's still the issue of the Applet wrapper security, speed of load and quite a lot of browser crashes I've been getting which I'm assuming are either security exceptions (I've got a local policy file) or bugs with the release n of java.

I've heard references to the 'Consumer JRE' which sounds promising - if we could get the point where the JRE is where the flash plugin is in terms of reliability and being palettable to corporate organisations then I see no reason to continue with painful web developement.

Can anyone comment of the issues surrounding applets and apparent 'buggyness' - apart from Bruce Ekell who has already vented his anger - and joined adobe of course :-)

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The new browser plug-in run completely separate from from the browser. I'm told that you can do a "kill -9" on the plugin and not affect the browser. My experience has been very positive with alpha J6uN.

Jim Weaver

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Yes, you can kill the plugin without killing/hanging the process that runs browser.
How far the "plug-in team" does cooperate with browsers manufacturers (mozilla, opera, msie, netscape, safari)?