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Is NetBeans Mobility still the right choice?

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Hi there,

I'm a NetBeans user for more than 5 years, but lately I have my doubt's whether NetBeans is the IDE of choice for mobile device development. First Nokia, then Android and now LiMo, all support Eclipse.

I should actually post this thread on NetBeans, but where is the NetBeans forum? Maybe I missed it over the years. The mailing list is just a pain in the ***, either you get a hundred emails a day, if you have subscribed, or it takes a week until your post appears in the mailing list, if at all.

It seem to me NetBeans, and respectively SUN, are a bit out of where the mobile industry is hidding to. No new info on JavaFX Mobile for almost a year ... . Seems to be another dead end road.

I'm maybe wrong, but that is the impression I have right now.


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Joined: 2005-03-04

I think, NetBeans Mobility is right choice: Nokia supports NetBeans as well, IMHO NetBeans Mobility support is still way better than Eclipse. Android and LiMo are pretty the same technology, and also 3rd party plugin for NetBeans is available here:
If you want mailing list, you can safely post to for such a questions.

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I hate mailing lists as well. Fortunately, many have been set up on Nabble, which provides a forum interface. Check out nbusers at: /Brian

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Id actually really like to hear experienced mobile developers opinions on this as well. I'm a 'young-en' at mobile development and have installed netbeans... am i using the best there is?