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I try to implement my own InstanceResolver (my own Stateful implementation).

I overrided public @NotNull T resolve(Packet request) method and it works.
The problem I have is that I need the first call (instance instantiation) must return the answer automatically (SOAPMessage with resource ID). I can not change the protocol (it's done through SOAP messages).

I have overridden @Override public Invoker createInvoker() method to provide my own invoker, but it is never called and the call passes to the endpoint.

The usecase I am trying to implement is pretty simple:

1. client call the webservice with "sumbit";
2. Resolver create an instance, call it and return automatically generated response with resource ID.
3. Client call the service with provided ID (so resolver can find an instance)
4. Client destroy the service.

Can anyone give me some links with examples how to do it, pleeease.

Looking forward,


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Joined: 2007-08-27

Well the answer is easy... JBoss-WS-Metro doesn't use createInvoker() method to create the invoker... :-( it uses it's own (InvokerJSE & InvokerEJB3).