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Which Java-XML technology is best fit for my needs

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Hi Group,

I am working on a desktop application which communicates with a server application over HTTP. On both the applications, Java object model is similar.

I want to use XML to transfer data between the 2 apps. Please tell me which JAVA-XML technology or libarary is best for my case. Since it is a desktop application, I am looking for some library with moderate footprint. Also it should be efficient as the amount of data contatined within a single object can be huge (due to big object model).

Someone suggested that we can also send serialized objects (Base64 encoded) on the wire and there is no need to use XML. Please suggest me how suitable this can be, if i dont use XML and send just a serialized object.


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The benefit of using xml or web services is decoupling between client and server applications. Dependencies make modification of the system design difficult, expensive, and reduce flexibility. The server application needs to know nothing about a client and so if needed other clients could make use of the same data (xml).

Take a look at Also, the following tutorial may be helpful if you are not familiar with jax-ws:

Hope it helps and please let us know if it works for you.

Good luck,